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Papier Mache Masks on a Stick

279 Main st, Mathews, VA, VA
1 February 2020 - 8 February 2020, 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM
Price: $ 25.00
Type: Class
Business Details
Bay School Community Arts Center
279 Main Street, Mathews, Virginia 23109

We will use a plastic mold to create a papier mache mask.  Our papier mache will consist of many colored tissue and diluted glue.  Once the mask is dry and the mask popped off the mold, we will embellish it to add even more of a creative touch!  Instead of wearing our mask by tying it to our face, our mask will have a dowel attached, to hold it in front.

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Live An Artful Life Inc
8908 Woodward Rd
Marshall, VA  20115


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