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Creating a Community Paper Quilt-Wall Paper Quilt-Wall Hanging using Linoleum Cut Stamps and Prints

279 Main st, Mathews, United States, VA
26 October 2019, 10:00 AM until 04:30 PM
Price: $ 95.00
Type: Class
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Bay School Community Arts Center
279 Main Street, Mathews, Virginia 23109

Come create a paper quilt-style wall-hanging with a group of fun people. We will use stamps, linoleum prints, frottage (rubbings) and recycled paper. In the process you will learn to make, if you do not know how already, a linoleum cut using Speedy-cut ( it is much softer than linoleum, and can be cut on both sides).This is the perfect workshop to do with friends! Bring your buddies!

In keeping with the season, our theme for the quilt-style wall-hanging will be “Earth Works: Gratitude for the Bounty of our Earth”. Images can include – leaves, trees, flowers, foods, pets, animals, insects, with an overall concept of gratefulness. It should be a joyful time.

You will learn to make stamps and images using Speedy-cut, a wonderfully soft and rubbery substitute for “linoleum” block prints. We will use black, red, yellow, and blue inks.  If you already know how to make linoleum prints, please come and help us make more! If you have stamps at home, bring them to share. We will start off with small stamp-like prints and work up to 6 “x  6”.

The community wall-hanging will be a quilt-like design that uses each participant’s design. The participants will pick a visual motif to tie together their individual prints. Color, recycled papers, and frottages can be added to the overall design.

Goal: Aesthetically to achieve harmony, unity, with variety and emphasis. Communally to experience gestalt, ie: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  Gratitude shared is multiplied without measure.

Open to all skill levels.

A materials list will be provided.

Please keep in mind before you purchase materials that the class may not yet be confirmed.

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Live An Artful Life Inc
8908 Woodward Rd
Marshall, VA  20115


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