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Find the artist in you!

We offer over 100 art and craft classes a year in a multitude of media.  Join us for pottery, painting, drawing, weaving, glass, and more, more, more!  The Art Speaks Gallery at the Bay School features the varied work of around 60 local and regional artists.  We hold an annual adult student show; a Kids' Art Show; a statewide juried art show, Art Speaks on the Bay;and several other exhibitions.  We'd love to help Find the Artist in You!

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  •  - 17 March 2020 until 7 April 2020
    A Soul Book is a soulful artsy project that is fun to make and deeply meaningful and personal at the same time. You’ll create a beautiful chunky Soul Book full of all of the things your beautiful heart knows, but sometimes forgets.
  •  - 7 April 2020 until 8 April 2020
    Focusing on the paintings of the great masters for inspiration, artists will "play" with new techniques for creativity and color combinations.
  •  - 7 April 2020 until 28 April 2020
    Continue practicing your newly acquired crocheting skills while making a lacy shrug you can wear. The pattern consists primarily of chains and double crochets.
  •  - 11 April 2020 until 11 April 2020
    With so many flowers and plants blooming we will use some for making art. As always, we welcome other family members to come for class if mommy can’t make it. An adult must stay for this class. Mathews Community Foundation.
  •  - 14 April 2020 until 15 April 2020
    In this 2-day workshop, we’ll experiment with combining ink and charcoal to create drawings with depth and value. Learn how to introduce contrast and texture using wax, ink washes and the grey tones of charcoal. A materials list will be provided
  •  - 15 April 2020 until 15 April 2020
    In this class, we provide the canvas, paint, and brushes for you to make art as entertainment! No experience necessary! This is NOT serious painting! You will start with a pre-sketched canvas and your instructor will assist you
  •  - 17 April 2020 until 17 April 2020
    This is an amazing painterly technique. Create a unique textured canvas with colorful Romney and Corriedale wool as your paints.
  •  - 9 May 2020 until 9 May 2020
    Come make some tiny airplanes from clothespins and popsicle sticks. This is a fun little class for boys and girls alike. As always, we welcome other family members to come for class if mommy can’t make it. An adult must stay for this class.
  •  - 9 May 2020 until 23 May 2020
    We will make ceramic dishes or tea light holders, using rolled clay imprinted with real leaves. We will make our pieces the first Saturday, then they will be bisque fired and we will glaze during the second class.
  •  - 20 May 2020 until 20 May 2020
    We will be learning some basics of painting with alcohol inks while we paint on tiles. Please note that alcohol inks have a very strong smell
  •  - 23 May 2020 until 23 May 2020
    Fabricate a wearable art piece! The form of your purse will be approximately 12’’ wide by 14” tall.
  •  - 26 May 2020 until 26 May 2020
    Retro camper trailer decor is popping up everywhere these days. Create one of your own using your imagination and some mixed media techniques to hang in your home. In this class we will use painting techniques and collage to create a cute retro
  •  - 30 May 2020 until 30 May 2020
    Join us for some family fun while we paint and decorate rocks. Each family will be supplied with all the materials they will need to complete the project. This is a family project so adult family members are required to stay.
  •  - 17 June 2020 until 17 June 2020
    In this class we will use beads, bobbles and whatever else you can string on fishing line to create these beautiful pieces of hanging art.
279 Main Street, Mathews, Virginia 23109

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